Sunday, September 20, 2015

Simple Cherry Date Bites

raw cherry cookies

These fruit and seed balls are a breeze to make and only require three ingredients! (or four, if you opt to sprinkle in a dash of sea salt).  They also take about 1 minute to make, so it's a good quick snack to make.  They store well in the fridge, and you can easily pop some into a bag to take with you for an energy boost while at work, school or on the go.

raw date pumpkin seed cookies

Simple Cherry Bites

6 to 7 medjool dates
1/3 cup dried unsweetened cherries
1/3 to 1/2 cup raw pumpkin seeds
dash of sea salt
water, if needed

1.  In a food processor, mix the dates (pitted), cherries, seeds and salt.  Sprinkle in water if needed for mixture to come together.
2.  Roll into little balls and eat or chill to firm up more.  Store extras in a sealed container in the fridge.  They will keep for several days and are very versatile; add in chia seeds for omegas and protein or nut or seed butter if you'd like a snack that's a little more filling.

raw date cherry bites

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