Saturday, January 24, 2015

Big News for 2015!

Hey mostly family, friends and fans!  

I'm making some big changes in my life for 2015, and I hope you'll support me--and in doing so, I can support you, too!  I'm recommitted to making my small business, Running Girl Bakery, my main priority.  My business page is Running Girl Bakery, and I'd love for you to like the page and take a peek around.  I'll continue to provide you with lots of yummy allergen-free recipes, but I am also taking a new direction with this blog.  Since healthy eating is only a part of an overall healthy lifestyle, I'm bringing my love of fitness to my blog as well and overall health and wellbeing tips.

Stay tuned for more content beyond just fantastic recipes.  I recently became a Beach Body coach, and would love your support on that facebook page as well here: Running Girl Health & Fitness

With Beach Body, I've discovered Shakeology (click "shop" to purchase your favorite flavor if you'd like to support me and try an amazing product) and some great new workouts that are finally helping me settle into my healthiest, happiest self.  

What my blog followers don't know about me: I have hypothyroidism (a sluggish thyroid) and PCOS (poly cystic ovary snydrome), both of which cause several unfortunate issues, including a sluggish metabolism, low energy levels and fertility issues.

I've finally learned what works for me and my body and I really want to share in case any of you are dealing with the same health concerns, or know someone who is.  In addition to my allergen-free foods, I sub one meal a day for Chocolate Vegan Shakeology (it's saved me. seriously) and sweat a little every day, whether a long run or even if it's just a little yoga or playing with my dogs. I'm here to share my fitness and health journey, and assist you in yours. I know firsthand the frustrations that come with not seeing results and changes in your body that seem inevitable, and I don't want everyone to go through the rollercoaster I've been on before discovering what can actually work, and be sustainable and realistic, too.
So Happy 2015 and keep reading for more delicious treats to keep you on track, no matter your resolutions or goals!



Chocolate Mint Mocha Protein Shake

gluten-free, soy-free, nut-free deliciousness!

I sub this recipe usually for one meal a day, often breakfast.  Shaekology is my fave brand since it's the only protein powder I've ever tried that a) doesn't give me intense GI issues (sorry) and b) keeps me full for hours. Every other protein smoothie I try I end up eating within a short amount of time.


1 scoop Chocolate Vegan Protein Powder (I use Shakeology, but any vegan protein powder will do)

1/3 frozen banana
4 ice cubes
chilled coffee or water (10 oz or more as desired for texture)
tiny splash of pure peppermint extract
*optional: 1 tablespoon sunflower seed butter for an even more filling/thicker "meal"


1.  In a blender....blend!  Serve fresh.  This is a great drink 30 min to an hour before a hard workout, or right after for a recovery drink, and will substitute well for breakfast.  Add more water or ice as needed for a thick milkshake-like texture.

P.S. instead of a juice cleanse, give the 3-Day Refresh a shot.  Much better results ;)

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