Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Chocolate Matcha Smoothie

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It's a smoothie made with tea, and is a great option to start your day.  Tea has so many healthy benefits...I could ramble on for awhile, but here's a brief outline for you: Tea contains catechins (compounds which may reduce cancer risk and heart disease)(1) and polypherols, which may  subsequently lower the risk of heart disease(2).
Green tea is strong in its link to fighting tumors and enhancing the immune system (because of higher higher catechin content) and black tea is suggested to help blood pressure and hypertension because of the antioxidants and high levels of polyphenols.  Tea may slightly increase the metabolism as well and is antibacterial, which may help prevent cavities by reducing cavity-causing bacteria (3).

So, whether you prefer white, green or black tea, you'll be reaping the benefits.  Herbal teas are a great non-caffeinated option, and I have to tell you that peppermint tea mixed with chocolate is absolutely heavenly.  I love Matcha green tea for its' rich and unique flavor, but feel free to experiment, and let me know your tea of choice!

green tea smoothie with green dress

Chocolate Matcha Smoothie
serves 1


3/4 cup water, tea or nondairy milk
1/4 cup brewed tea or Yerba Mate, chilled
1 cup crushed ice
1 scoop chocolate vegan protein powder
1-1/2 tsp unsweetened matcha powder
2 tablespoons frozen avocado
1/3 banana


Blend all ingredients together, adding a little more ice or water as needed until desired consistency is reached.

*For a mocha version, use cold-brewed coffee in place of the liquid tea.  This is also amazing.

matcha powder and cold brewed coffee
shoutout to Vitacost organic Matcha tea and Stumptown Cold Brew for a winning combo!

Find unsweetened Matcha powder at natural grocery stores, Asian markets or online.
This yields one tea-infused breakfast shake!

Smoothies are also a great light meal option before going out to dinner or to a party to limit overindulging.  Don't go to an event starving; keep your choices healthy and smart.  

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