Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The best kind of morning...involving pancakes!

Due to a moment of I-have-some-free-time-why-don't-I-add-another-job, I've found myself working part-time in a bakery, mostly for more experience and for the chance to get back in the kitchen professionally...even if it's not long term.

That said, I somehow got conned into waking up at 4 am several times a week to drive almost half an hour to my job.  So of course the one morning I have to sleep in, I popped wide awake at 3:45.   I didn't sleep much after that--my pre-sunrise morning involved letting the dogs out to pee, only to have Yogi tear after a (possum?  large rat?  something equally terrifying?) and then me whispering "get back here!" and sprinting after him, hoping the neighbors wouldn't awaken to find me running through their yards in what were definitely pajamas.  Zeke, our 90lb golden-doodle lumbered alongside me, crushing flowers to avoid leaving my side.  When I had them finally back in the house, I lay wide awake, thinking I might as well get up and run.  This turned into a 6.1 mile job, which then turned into an insane craving for a sweet and filling breakfast.

Thus, my new favorite breakfast was born:

Flourless Banana Chia Pancakes

Ready?  Super easy and delish.
1/2 of a large overripe banana, mashed with the tines of a fork
1 teaspoon cinnamon
1 tablespoon ground chia seeds
1 egg
1 egg white

Mix in a bowl, let set a few moments to thicken.
Heat skillet over low-med heat.
Lightly grease with coconut oil, and pour in batter.  Let cookie 2-4 min or until lightly set, flip, cooking otherside.
Serve warm, no syrup or anything needed--moist and sweet as is!

Pair this with 1/2 cup strong cooled coffee and 1 cup unsweetened coconut milk garnished with an ice cube and straw, and you have the best start to a Wednesday ever!  Bonus points if you have two golden-doodles curled up at your feet.

P.S. yeah, they may not be the prettiest, fluffiest pancakes in the world...but try a bite.  You won't mind the appearance, trust me.

P.P.S.  These clearly aren't vegan, but they ARE gluten-free.  (obvi)

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