Monday, July 1, 2013

Rice Chocolate Seed Butter Cups: like Reese's but a mill times better

Not only is it July 1st (the best month ever as my twin and I have a birthday this month), but my husband promoted to Captain today.  In order to celebrate, I simply had to make some treats with chocolate, his absolute fave.  I wanted to keep it healthy-ish, and let's be honest: I wanted to be able to enjoy a treat too, and so this amazing recreation of the famous peanut butter cups were born.

Packed with protein, this nondairy rice chocolate shell is wrapped around a creamy sunflower seed pumpkin butter filling.  Easy and pretty quick, these elegant desserts are best stored in the freezer until ready to eat.  Rich and full of healthy nutrients (my current diet calls for more iron and protein, so the protein and iron boost in pumpkin is perfect), this is way better than your fatty store bought alternative.


1.  Melt nondairy chocolate chips in the microwave or over a double boiler , with a small spoonful of coconut oil (Enjoy Life brand is the best!)

melt until chips just begin to lose shape, and stir well until smooth

2.  Spoon a dollop of melted chocolate in mini paper liner; set in freezer.

3.  Mix 2 tablespoons sunflower seed butter with 1/3 cup organic canned pumpkin, stir well until creamy and combined.  I added a sprinkle of cloves, 1/8 tsp ginger, and 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon.

organic pumpkin yuuummm

4.  Place a dollop of the seed butter/pumpkin mix on each frozen chocolate, and place back in freezer.

5.  Repeat Step 1 and place chocolate on top of seed butter/pumpkin mix, covering it completely and refreeze.

gently peel away liner and invert!

6.  Gently peel away paper liners from little rice chocolate dessert cup.

Go crazy!  Insanely good, and made me wish Halloween was a tad closer; pumpkin and chocolate will do that to a person.

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