Friday, August 2, 2013

Coffee, tea and pancakes....what!!!

That sure doesn't sound like a regular Maiah breakfast ;)  This is a shot of my mom's mocha at Vero Coffeehouse in Eugene and my iced tea next to it.  (No coconut milk there!)

When I was at the parents' last week, I tried out several locations to work on my book, away from my loving but distracting twenty-three year old brothers.  Vero won for best ambiance; cozy, nice sturdy and spacious tables with comfortable chairs.  I'd sip tea and work on my novel, and am already looking forward to the next Oregon visit.

For lunch with my tea, I made these pancakes.  Yep, for lunch.  Protein-filled and tasty, I could eat them at any meal!

Protein Pancakes for One


1/2 ripe organic banana
2 egg whites
1 scoop hemp protein powder
1/4 cup finely grated zucchini
1/2 teaspoon vanilla


1.  Heat up griddle.
2.  Mash banana, adding in egg whites.  Add protein powder, zucchini and vanilla.
3.  Place a small amount of coconut oil on a paper towel and rub it on the griddle.  Divide batter into about 5 or 6 small pancakes.  Cook about 5-7 minutes, flipping when golden.
4.  Serve plain or with a dollop of unsweetened applesauce.

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