Tuesday, June 25, 2013

coffee break!

tea time...black tea with local raw honey
coffee time...cold-pressed with coconut milk

So I love my (many) cups of tea in the day, as well as a nice beverage of coconut milk and coffee.  I've heard many different things on the pros and cons of consuming caffeine, and having recently been diagnosed with a sluggish thyroid and adrenal fatigue, I am dismayed to learn I should limit my caffeine consumption (in addition to taking a million supplements and limiting a million other things in my already insanely healthy activities and diet).  That said, I still enjoy the occasional bit of caffeine (I've also read that it is fine to consume caffeine, and that it can stimulate the metabolism, so who really knows).

Here is my favorite-est low cal beverage, of which I am currently enjoying on my post 5 mile run in toasty Carlsbad, California this sunny afternoon.  With a handful of raw almonds and carrots= contented break time.

Cold-pressed coffee with a splash of mint water and unsweetened vanilla coconut milk: 45 cal refreshing coffee drink!

And while I'm at it, here are few other fun photos of doing what I love--being active.  Oh, and most importantly--another raw cookie recipe coming up either tonight or tomorrow...keep checking back and enjoy your lovely Tuesday afternoon!

Strength-training at its finest:

BodyROK'in it in the Carlsbad Forum
And my ultimate fave way to sweat (born and raised in Tracktown, USA baby!):

running in Carlsbad (sneaking on the golf course early morn)  photo courtesy of this amazing couple

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